Parkhotel – Your hotel out in the green!

Having been family-operated for decades now, our Parkhotel impresses our guests not only with its serene location bordering on a forest, but also with being only minutes from the train station and the admirable historic city center as well as being nearby well-known global enterprises.

While surrounded by vineyards, woods, and water, and stretching along the scenic “German Road” with its delightful composition of half-timbered houses, yet the City of Bietigheim with its 40.000 inhabitants is located in the midst of one of the most economically developed areas of Germany, the Middle Neckar Region called “Mittlerer Neckarraum”, between the Cities of Stuttgart and Heilbronn.

With best transport connections – yet close to nature and offering many art and cultural attractions. Bike riders enjoy especially the recently built family-friendly bicycle path through the valley of the River Enz, leading to the northern region of the Black Forest.

Be our guest – we look forward to you